the edit album 



      for all your creative needs


Struggling to find affordable copyright-free music for your podcast intro?

Fed up of wasting hours trawling the web, never finding the perfect track for your video?

Tired of having to re-upload your project after another unexpected 'copyright violation’ notice?


I was too.


In fact, as a videographer I spent over $99 to license just one song for my projects.

I had to resort to using badly-made free music in an effort to save money and avoid copyright penalties. 


Like you, I wasted hours searching for non-copyright tracks, desperately trying to find unique music and stressing over unexpected copyright violations. 

My work-flow seriously suffered as did the quality of my projects.


Enough was enough.

There had to be a better way.

Finally, I found it!


I created my own music.


Utilising knowledge from my 3-year music degree, 20 years as a trained musician

and help from international producers.

I created a 9-track album inspired by the songs you’d normally pay top dollar to license.


And now, I’m giving you access that even my billion dollar brand clients don’t receive. 


With a value of over $850, it’s yours for less than half. 

Not $400.

Not $200.


Just $80.


That’s a one-time payment for 9 tracks covered for all usage,

Available nowhere else online.

Usable for all your needs.

With no credit necessary.


And if you buy within the next 20 minutes, I’ll even throw in an extra 10% off.



About the edit album


Hey friend! My name is Lizzie and I'm a videographer + video editor from London and the founder of blix creative.


Since becoming a video creator full-time, I've worked with everyone from big corporates to huge influencers and youtube superstars.

Good music is always at the forefront of every editing process, but who has the time to waste searching for the music or money to spend on every project (at $100 per track!).

Not you my friend.


Wouldn't you love:

- to use tracks you know not everyone can get hold of

- not needing to credit the artist

- peace of mind knowing your music is covered for all     online usage

- your Youtube soundtrack sorted


And for a reasonable price?


I've created the edit album for this exact purpose, 9 ambient tracks for your video content or wherever you see fit, 100% copyright free. No credit needed.